Innovation in Geology, Geophysics and Geography-2018

Abstract submission is available for any registered user who confirmed a participance in a conference.

Step 1

Firstly you need to login to the conference portal via login form in the home page.

Step 2

Go to your account profile page

Step 3

If you haven't specified the conference you take part in during the registration you need to choose one from the list and click "Take a part". Fill your participance details fileds and click "Confirm participation".

Step 4

Scroll to "Your Abstracts" section and click "Add new abstract"

Step 5

Fill all necessary fields. Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory

Step 6

It's highly recommended to click "Preview" and check generated output file before the submission.

Step 7

Click "Submit abstract". After successful submission you will able to see your abstract in the abstracts table.

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